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Monday, January 28, 2013

Apa Kata Wanita Bersama Zamzarina, TV1.


Dad :)

Since I had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning (other than sleeping until noon, that is), I decided to accompany my Dad to Wisma TV at RTM1 for a live show. He was called as a guest speaker for 'Apa Kata Wanita bersama Zamzarina' on Saturday, 11am that was aired by TV1. The topic was pretty boring if you ask me, as they were discussing about 'Di Ambang Menopause', something that women everywhere would try to deny.

I didn't do much anyway, other than following my Dad to get his 'touch-up' before the show, and, while waiting for 11am, relaxed in the guest room, eating chicken rice and talking to Sheila Hassan (also known as Sheila Mambo). She was the guest artist for the show as well, so my Dad talked to her to pass the time, and I listened while interrupting once in a while (wherever I feel like it)

Dr Noor Azmi, Sheila Hassan, Zamzarina and moi :)

One of the things we talked about was about the 'Listen' incident between Ms B and Ms S, which I would write about in another post, insyaAllah. Truthfully, I didn't want to write about it. I mean, yeah, it's too cliche and all. But then, one day, my little brother was talking about it. And my roommate in INTEC asked me, 'Eh,  Nazu, asal kau tak tulis pape eh pasal tu? Tulis lah.' And so, I would. But not now. Soon, insyaAllah.

I need time to reanalyze the situation. I've watched that viral video, but somehow I feel like watching it all over again. I've downloaded the video, and a few other videos too, like MatLutfi's parody and all, so I'd get comments from others and see how different people analyze the situation. InsyaAllah, one day, I'd post that entry up on this blog.

Sheila Hassan :)
Anyway... That's not the reason why I wrote this blog post. I actually wrote this thing because I was so freaking excited on Saturday. I mean, I've always wanted to visit a real TV set and watch it being recorded and all. I didn't get to follow my Dad the last time he went for a talk show (it was for TV3, if I wasn't mistaken), so I couldn't let this opportunity go.

No words could express how excited I was the moment I stepped foot on the set. When I laid my eyes on the controls in the audio room, my heart almost stopped. Oh. My. God. How I wished I could be in the room during the show, controlling everything. I have always had this weird love for this kind of things, doing all the background work, handling the PA system, taking care of the equipment and all. Yeah, I know, not really suitable for a girl like me, but who cares. I LOVED IT.

Zamzarina :)
Alright, that's all for now. I'm actually pretty worn out after a tiring day. Quite a lot of unexpected things happened today, so just wait for the next post, eh? It'd be up soon, insyaAllah. Until then, take care! Assalamualaikum! :)


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